Eorzean Watch

Eorzean Watch

Need to know what time it is in Eorzea? Look no further!

Eorzean Watch calculates what time it is in Final Fantasy XIV no matter where you are or what server your character is on. Always in sync! (unless your device time isn't in sync...) No need for an internet connection!

Need to track those level 50 or 60 gathering nodes for botany and mining? What about all those fish to turn in for collectables? This will help! Not only does Eorzean Watch include information on all level 50 and 60 unspoiled, ephemeral, and legendary nodes, but you can track when they appear!

Select which nodes or fish you're interested in on the tables and they will appear, in time order, on the time page and will let you know if and when they are next active!

Eorzean Watch will notify you of a tracked node coming up even if you're outside of the app! (no internet connection needed!) Never miss an unspoiled node or fishing window again!

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