SOAP Notes Privacy Policy

SOAP Notes Privacy Policy

The SOAP Notes app uses various methods and services to log data. At no point does patient or personal user data ever get transmitted to Eclectic DNA or a third party service. Eclectic DNA will not sell or share this data beyond these services.

The SOAP Notes app uses Crashlytics to help find and diagnose issues in our codebase. Usage patterns and crash reports are sent to this service.

The SOAP Notes app uses Localytics to help analyze usage patterns in order to improve the SOAP Notes app without direct user feedback. Limited user data is sent to this service (e.g. device type, operating system, app version, etc). No personally identifiable information is sent.

We log device statistics, such as device type, operating system and an anonymized device ID on our servers. Each install has a unique device ID and does not contain personally identifiable information. This data is not made available to third parties and is only used internally.

SOAP Notes Data Security

Data within the SOAP Notes app is protected through a variety of security measures. All patient data is saved in an encrypted database that is only accessible within the SOAP Notes app, after authenticating through Apple’s lock screen and authenticating through the SOAP Notes app’s lock screen, either through a PIN or Touch ID. None of these security details are sent from the device. The SOAP Notes app’s security PIN is stored on the device only.

If a device is signed in to iCloud in device settings, encrypted patient data will travel to and from Apple’s iCloud servers, and is never stored on any other parties’ servers. This feature may be disabled by turning off iCloud Drive for the SOAP Notes app in the settings app under iCloud. The user must maintain an Apple ID to use the device syncing and cloud services. A user’s data on iCloud is protected by Apple’s security measures and the encryption that the SOAP Notes app implemented. Eclectic DNA does not have control nor access to this data once it is on the iCloud servers.

A subscription is required to create data within the SOAP Notes app. A user will never lose access to user data due to an expired subscription. All data created during an active subscription remains accessible to the user within the SOAP Notes app. Device syncing and cloud services will continue to work with an expired subscription. It is the user’s responsibility to delete user data off of iCloud’s servers after an expired subscription if the user no longer needs to retain it.

Exported pdf documents can optionally be encrypted with a passcode. Exported txt files do not have any encryption. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain proper security for these documents once the data leaves the SOAP Notes app.